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Twins bound by a love of knitting talk about knitting and more.

Episode 65 — It’s a Squid. Really.

HI, ALL – sorry the blog hasn’t been updated for quite some time. We’re having some technical issues paired with lives so full we haven’t had time to connect with the support team. We hope to resolve this sometime soon.? In the meantime, check our discussion group at Ravelry.com for links to the more recent episodes.?

Thanks, The TwinSet

In which we discuss how short was the interval between this and the last episode (and yet in which we manage to create almost an hour of audio), jumping the broom, work interfering with knitting, and the fact that Squishy the Squid truly is a squid (and not what others have intimated). Plus, we have another visit from Dr. Yarn!

Listen here: Episode 65 — It’s a Squid. Really.

Episode 64 — What Day Is It?

In which we discuss Ellen’s travels to Sweden for World Water Week (there was no wave pool or water slides), apple trees, quick visits with New York daughters, winning state fair entries, squid knitting, and have a short visit with Dr. Yarn and an essay on “Why We Farm.”

Episode 63 — Still Crazy After All These Years

In which we discuss a fun new craft-a-long with Mastering the Knits, how California’s drought is really all of ours, anniversaries (36 for Jan and 35 for Ellen), ?crazy highjinx at minor league baseball games (did I mention cowboy monkeys?), boondoggles to Lake Tahoe for frozen toes, some fun finished objects, a review of “A Knitter’s Gallery of Mitred Squares – 45 Unique Designs in color, Texture, and Lace” by Jill Begelow Suttell and Jane Bigelow, and Jan’s new pattern and at the begining of which Jan gets to congratulate the Knitmores on new baby Rex!

Episode 62 — Just Adorable!

In which we give a recap of TwinSet Summer Camp 2015, reaching 1,000 members, the shenanigans of the lamb Squirrel, a Seattle trip including visits to Tolt and So Much Yarn (and Starbucks!), knits for Vlad and being underwater with our knitting.

สล็อตออนไลน์ กับเว็บ Heng555 Episode 61 — Surprise!

In which we decide to surprise you with one extra episode before camp. ?Another surprise…no out takes in this one. ?We wanted to get it published as quickly as possible.

Episode 60 — Father’s Day Surprise Visits

In which we take forever to actually start the show, are visited by two delightful guests, and discuss new babies, knitting for new babies, surprise father’s day visits on the farm, snack foods and cat discipline.

Episode 59 — Big Feet

In which we discuss Shetland wool week, secret handshakes, housecleaning by buying magazines, new plants and new lambs!!, knitting for big feet, the ‘Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ and all the other wonder out there, getting cranky and lots of other stuff!

Episode 58 — Things are Going Swimmingly

In which we discuss gift bearing alpaca, four more little lambs and precocious ram lambs, downsizing stuff to make it possible to close drawers, but maybe not so much as to fit in tiny houses and other fun stuff.

Thanks to listeners, old and new, for joining us!? Consider joining us at TwinSet Summer Camp, too. It’s going to be great fun, and there is still plenty of room to join us in July, the 10-12th to be exact.? The registration form can be found here. Please consider coming for a relaxing weekend of knitting in the woods (and enjoying great camp food. No lie, the chef at this camp really is good!).

In the amusing and useful category, check out the Ravelry group thread in which RobinV actually applies one of our slick tricks with great success.

Patterns of Our Lives:

Ellen has been inspired by the movie Tiny: A Story About Living Small to try to downsize her stuff enough for a future move to a smaller house. Or at least enough to be able to close all of her drawers. Jan’s life is expanding, though, to include yet more sweet lambikins. (Hey, don’t mock me, you try to look at the pictures she is posting on Instagram without calling them “lambikins”.) The four newcomers are all ewe lambs. I can’t imagine how many lambs will be on the farm next year!

Jan also made some quick work trips, and she has a “special project” at work that is eating her life.? So…

Finely or Finally Knit

…Ellen is the only one with a major finished object this week.? Her Abria cardigan, designed by Bonne Marie Burns, is delighting her.? She knit it out of StraightFork Farm 60:40 huacayo:wool, on size 5 Signature circulars and the fabric is lush and drapey and wonderful.

Jan did finish another baby hat — this one intended for someone special who will arrive this fall (yup, Jan’s grandnephew (and Ellen’s grandson)). She used Tunisian crochet in-the-round and worked it up in no time.

And there is still time for you to finely finish a baby hat — get a soft, washable hat to Kiley by the end of May and mention our podcast and you will be entered in a contest for a skein of Wollmeise (in addition to the drawing that everyone is entered into).? Full info on her Ravelry page where she is Minipurlgirl.

On the Runway

Ellen enjoyed her classes with Myrna Stahman and Susan B Anderson at Yarnover and is making progress on the class projects, a Shetland lace scarf out of Jamieson’s Ultra and a funny kitty-cat based on Susan’s Build-a-Toy Workshop. By the way, check out Susan’s upcoming book, Kid’s Knitting Workshop. We think it would be fun for new adult knitters, too.

Jan is well into the second sleeve on her Making Waves cardigan in gorgeous yarn she scored at Maryland Sheep & Wool – Bijou Basin’s Seraphim. But she’s got a ways to go to finish, as she hasn’t done the body yet.

The สล็อตออนไลน์ กับเว็บ Heng555baby Norwegian sweater, Geilo, a Dale of Norway design, has gotten some of Ellen’s attention, too, and she is well into the body.

Bitten by our Knittin’

Ellen ended up knitting the decreases in her sweater sleeves as though she were knitting a smaller size. It really didn’t affect the final outcome much, so she is calling it a feature. A dropped stitch in the body of her baby Norwegian sweater was not a feature, it was a mistake, but it is laddered back up and is under control.

Jan had lots of dropped stitches as her double-pointed needles kept falling out of her sleeves in that slippery angora Seraphim yarn. She’s got a slick trick to solve that though, so read on!

Design Principles

A mistake is a feature if you can reasonably assert that a designer might have chosen to do it that way and you might choose to keep it.? But some mistakes are just that, mistakes, and need to be corrected.

360 Degrees

Ellen let loose of her desire to control her yarn and spun up some art batts into wildly textured and soft yarn – alpaca, silk, and angora made for slubby but beautiful stuff. The angora was actually angora goat, Ellen thinks, because there is some very mohair-looking fiber but not really any bunny-looking fiber.

Fiber Jargon

Jan discusses range or territory wool and why yarn from small producers may cost more.


Ellen is unduly thrilled to have a new vacuum cleaner. Well, maybe not unduly. Her prior vacuum was about 25 years old after all.? Jan was thrilled at being bombed by her daughter and daughter-in-law.? They gave her bath bombs, like scented สล็อตออนไลน์ กับเว็บ Heng555Fizzies for her tub.

Fun Fur

Abracadabra! yarn by HiKoo changes color from cream to bright pink and purple when you go out in the sun. Ellen got hers from StevenBe (I’m sure they would do mail order). She sees fun designs in her future. Jan sees more fun petting lamb’s fur in her future.

Slick Trick

Ellen loves Myrna Stahman’s trick for adding tails to simple ring stitch markers. The thin crochet cotton weaves in and out of your project as you knit, so if you accidentally slip the marker off your needle, it can’t go far. And Jan likes thick rubber bands for holding the stitches on her sleeves together, causing them to grip the needle just a bit tighter so the needles doesn’t slip out as easily.? She finds that if she slips a rubber band around the sleeve an inch or so below the live stitches, it gathers them together on the needle and makes it less likely that the needle will go slip sliding away.
You May Already be a Wiener

We’ll draw a winner for our contest for Lara Neel‘s Craftsy Class, Socks My Way next episode. And if you can’t wait to take the class, take advantage of the 50% off code Lara has graciously shared with us (click class link).

Fashion Forecast for 2015

Ellen is looking forward to the Zombie Knitpocalypse, even though she has figured out that she’ll have to come home early because of another conflict. She’ll miss the market, so maybe she can still fit into a smaller house. And both twins have plans for summer…

…TwinSet Summer Camp!? July 10-12, 2015.? Registration form can be found here:


Registration fee of $265 includes:
?A real bed for Friday and Saturday night! ?With back-pampering Tempurpedic mattresses!
?Meals served family style in the camp lodge, Friday supper through Sunday brunch. Special diets are well-looked after, please note requirements on registration form.
?Lots of camp activities, like knitting by the river, knitting by the swimming pool, hiking into the woods to knit, singing campfire songs while knitting, making and eating s’mores (no knitting!), and more. ?We hope to have some vendors, and we’ll schedule one knitting/craft class, but the name of the game for the weekend is relax in the woods, let someone else do the cooking, and knit and enjoy each other!

Deadline to register is June 30.

We hope to see you there.

Enjoy the show!

Episode 57 — Heaven Knows